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Which Social Media Platform Is Right for Your Business?

June 23, 2017 / Digital Marketing

When starting up or continuing to grow a successful business, one thing is certain – you need to market yourself! In the world of digital media, topics and trends change daily. So, how do business owners decide which social media outlet would be most beneficial to them?

From Snapchat to Instagram, here’s a look at how you can find the social media platform that suits your business best.


Plenty of people use it, but should your business? Americans between the ages of 25-54 make up 61% of Facebook users, so if your company is targeting an older demographic (25-65+), posting regularly could be very valuable. If your target is young people, only 9% of Facebook users are in the 18-24 bracket, so you may want to forgo daily posts and take advantage of their great advertising platform instead.


It’s not just for giving yourself cute dog ears. Advertising on Snapchat has come a long way – seasonal and regional photo filters create the opportunity for your brand to go viral, and many companies have their own accounts for sponsored content. 60% of users are under the age of 24, so this is a gold mine for companies targeting millennials.


This photo sharing platform is a little more permanent than Snapchat. There’s no doubt that Instagram has fantastic outreach potential: there are over 500 million users, and more than half of those users check their account multiple times a day. Although strategic planning can make a fine marketing tool of “Insta,” it’s most effective for brand awareness. If your business can post engaging photos or short videos and generate a big following, then Instagram is the way to go.


For businesses targeting artists, cooks, decorators and craft types, this visually-based social media pioneer is the ticket. Woman-centric enterprises should pay attention as well – 71% of Pinterest users (also known as Pinners) are women. Pinners are 10% more likely to buy online than users of other social networks, and with the site’s Buy Button, a sale can be made with one simple click!


A LinkedIn presence is essential for business-to-business (B2B) marketing, and for business relationships in general. Companies use LinkedIn to build brand awareness, generate leads and cultivate their reputation among industry peers. People who follow your company page expect regular posts about your product on their feed; unlike Facebook, LinkedIn was designed for business, making it the right choice for companies focused more on other companies than individual customers.

With social media, the possibilities are endless and constantly changing – but there’s always a right answer for your business needs!

Traditionally, we recommend choosing one or two platforms as your company’s online cornerstone. As your business and followers grow, so will your time and resources, and you can begin to plan your expansion.

We’re happy to help you decide. Let us know your marketing goals and we’ll work with you to create your social media strategy.