The Wonderful World of Signage

June 23, 2017 / Signage

To those who advertise, signage is an old friend. It’s been around since ancient times, tangible and enduring through ages of ever-changing media. Despite the so-called “digital storefront,” physical signage remains essential – just take a drive or walk down your local Main Street to get a sense of its staying power. But the flipside of an old friend is this: you may think you know all there is to know about them, or worse, take them for granted.

The world of physical signage is rich and diverse, full of potential to gain and keep customers’ attention. Here’s a taste of what this marketing staple can do for you!

Informational Signage

These signs are made to inform, instruct or direct: town maps, restroom signs, entrance/exit signs and educational placards are all considered informational. Commonplace doesn’t have to mean boring! An informational graphic turned stylish or clever can transform your space and keep your customers engaged in their experience.

Floor Signage

Mats and decals can be a permanent part of your interior or a removable feature for every season. They’re a striking way to gain attention – psychology suggests that directing customers’ eyes downward causes them to focus more sharply than usual, making them more alert and receptive to your content. A signage medium that has been credited for sales increases as high as 30% is certainly worth considering.

Outdoor Signage

More than your average yard sign, outdoor signage runs the gamut from banners, feather flags and marquees to post & panel, window graphics and vehicle wraps. Outdoor signs give your business more visibility than any other advertising media; people will see a sign whether they search for it or not, and a unique design is likely to get word of mouth as well.


Whether it’s a tiny shelf-talker or a trade show booth, display signage can make or break a sale. An eye-popping point-of-purchase display is especially important for retailers and their suppliers – those who have them report boosts in sales as much as 64%. There’s nothing like a creative display to show off your brand at your product’s most important moment.

Digital Signage

If all of the above still seems too traditional, you’re in luck! Digital signage is a great way to update any of these signage types (well, maybe not floor). Outdoor digital signs are becoming more durable as they gain popularity, and iPad stands are a fresh, interactive addition to any trade show booth.

With so much potential, it’s no wonder signage is here to stay!

Feeling inspired? Let us know! We’re happy to offer both indoor and outdoor signage solutions and work with you to design the perfect display.