Sizzling Summer Promo Products

June 16, 2017 / Promotional Products

There’s no time like the summertime to appreciate the great outdoors! No hiding out in the air conditioning with the blinds pulled down, no retreating underground to the basement to sit in front of the TV – this is the year to get out and play!

So, what does that mean for business? How can you make the most of summer? Summer is an extremely visible time for promotional products. A boom in large-crowd situations creates a perfect environment for mass exposure, like at the fair or on the boardwalk. Your business could travel hundreds of miles if a tourist picks up a trinket with your name on it and brings it home. Summer brings a whole new category of seasonal products – here are five fun in the sun suggestions to heat up your brand.

1. Frisbees

Frisbees walk the line between classic and fresh. Invented in 1938, they’re a simple outdoor toy that everyone knows and loves – but some people really love them! A favorite of college students, the sport of ultimate frisbee (now known exclusively as Ultimate) has nearly replaced soccer and kickball as America’s go-to field game. Your airborne brand could be the center of attention to two people or two teams. They’re also great for branding by design – they have a wide, central surface with ample room for contact information without shrinking your logo.

2. Golf items

Recreational or professional, golfers take a lot of equipment out on the green – just ask their caddies! Golf items are worth branding for the sheer volume of options available; it’s more than just bags, balls and tees. Caps, towels, tee markers, divot fixers and scorecard pencils are all potential promo products. This is a great idea for businesses targeting demographics likely to spend their summers teeing off.

3. Folding chairs

People take folding chairs with them everywhere: the beach, the sidelines, cookouts, parades and more. Talk about exposure! If people are bringing their own seating, there’s guaranteed to be a big crowd of passersby to catch a glimpse of you on a colorful folding chair. If you decide to brand the carrying bag too, you get two promo items in one!

4. Koozies®

Like the frisbee, the Koozie is a product with a loyal fanbase – some people refuse to put a bottle or can in their bare hand without a Koozie to keep their drink cool. Designed in the 80s specifically as a promo item, the original foam Koozie now comes in materials like neoprene, polyester and even leather. They’re collectable, and meant to be shared – your business could be promoted whenever your customers crack open a cold one.

5. Beach items

Beach items are the crown jewel of seasonal promo products during the summer. No matter how hot it is, people will inevitably go to the beach and the pool, bringing all their waterside necessities with them. Towels, mats, beach balls, coolers, tote bags, sunscreen bottles, pails and shovels are all fantastic branding opportunities with guaranteed exposure during this time of year. Your customers will take you with them on vacation, keeping your advertising momentum going strong even when it seems like everyone is away.

Summer may be the perfect time to take a vacation, but with these exciting promo products, your brand can work for you all season long!

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