5 Ways to Make Your Business Card Pop

June 30, 2017 / Career & Networking

Exchanging business cards is as routine as a handshake at the start of any meeting, and the U.S. prints over 27 million daily. But popular also means saturated: 88% of business cards will be thrown away less than a week after they’re handed out. Don’t be discouraged; it’s simply time to ask yourself, “what are the other 12% doing right?”

The answer is, they POP! A unique design can give you the edge you need to stay out of the trash can. Here are five eye-popping options to make your business card stand out!

1. Riff on a classic.

Sometimes bells and whistles aren’t necessary to represent your business. A standard layout can be classy and clean, and will never be mistaken for a gimmick. But with a simple card, high-quality graphics become exceptionally important. Try playing up the minimalism, and make sure your logo is interesting enough to serve as a centerpiece.

2. Shape it up.

Changing the shape or size of a business card is a great way to stand out. Making the card larger or smaller than industry standard (3.5” x 2”) is enough of a change for some companies, while others order radical shapes to set their cards apart. Either way, it’s important to integrate your brand into the design and represent shapes and concepts relevant to your business.

3. Feel fresh.

Cards printed with textures and finishes provide a tactile experience, standing out from traditional stock the moment they reach the customer’s hand. If money and creativity are no object, there’s a world of alternative material for your card, like metal or wood. Still, most designers recommend keeping it simple – an uncommon texture can elevate even the most typical layout.

4.  A cut above.

A die-cut removes part of your card stock and adds the element of empty space to your design. Whether they completely transform your card or add a subtle touch, die-cuts are always distinctive. Your imagination is the limit to how they can be utilized: stencils, pop-ups, nontraditional shapes and multicolored layers all become possible.

5. High-definition.

All of these strategies can combine to form a truly one-of-a-kind business card! Die-cuts, layers, UV, embossing and rounded edges can create a 3D card that literally pops. This is the ultimate visual and tactile experience – your customer is sure to be impressed, and throwing it away will feel like tossing a work of art. A card like this is an investment, but your customers’ undivided attention might just be worth it.

The possibilities truly are endless when creating a business card that pops!

The process starts with your vision. We’re happy to brainstorm a design with you and come up with a unique solution for your business.