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Set Up Your New Hire for Success

May 5, 2017 / Career & Networking

Have you recently hired a new employee? Congratulations! There are a lot of steps when bringing a new employee on board, but a crucial step is making them feel welcomed. Give them everything they need to get started on their first day and they’ll appreciate it.  Make sure that their desk is set up and ready to go with a few essentials (a phone, file organizer and other supplies (tape dispenser, scissors, stapler, etc.) and their computer is up and running with all the necessary programs.

In addition to the necessities, take it to the next level by providing a new employee with some branded swag! Take a look at some of the top promotional items you can give new employees to help them  feel welcomed at their work space.


Paperwork and Access Cards: When an employee starts a new job, it’s important to provide them with all the paperwork and documents they need, including a payroll calendar, training guides, safety manuals, forms, checklists and an employee handbook (and don’t forget their business cards!). Additionally, supply them with a name badge and access card (perhaps attached to a branded lanyard). Consider sending or giving the new hire a welcome card and/or welcome email to let them know you’re happy to have them on the team.


Branded Pens, Pencils and Highlighters: Every employee needs something to write with! Provide all new hires with a handful of branded pens and pencils to take notes with.

Custom Pen Holders and Desk Organizers: A branded pen holder is a great desk accessory for your new hire. They can store their pens, scissors, ruler and anything else they need in one spot.

Printed Paper Products: Your new employee will (hopefully) be taking a lot of notes during their first few days. Consider branded notebooks, notepads and sticky notes for your employee to write on.

Branded Mouse Pads: If your new employee has a desk with a computer, provide them with a beautiful branded mouse pad. You can customize your mouse pad with your company’s logo, slogans, product images or anything else you can think of. There are multiple shapes, sizes and materials to choose from.

Custom Signage: Add a special touch to their work space with a desk nameplate and attractive office signage.Go a step further with a fancy magnetic name tag.


Balloons: Even adults love balloons! There’s nothing quite as special as seeing a “Welcome” balloon attached to your new office chair.

Water Bottles: Keep new employees hydrated with a branded water bottle for them to use at the office, gym or at home.

Coasters: A branded coaster prevents damage to their desk and is a functional and useful addition to any work space.

Branded Apparel: If your company provides branded apparel to employees, you can give them jackets, shirts, caps and more on their first day. Ask for their size ahead of time and place their apparel at their work station. It will be a great surprise and help them blend in with their coworkers!

Gift Bags: We talked about all the big items, but don’t forget the extra goodies. Consider filling a goody bag with a lanyard, mobile pocket, power bank, snacks, the employee’s business cards and their welcome packet with all the important documents. Read our recent blog post on Creative Welcome Packets to help spark some ideas of what else you could include.

Hiring a new employee and providing them with everything they need can be a challenge, but we’re here to help with the process! We can handle all your onboarding paperwork, office signage, branded gifts and custom business apparel. Fill out the form above and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.