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What business communications platform boasts a 98% open rate?

March 3, 2017 / Marketing

Email? Nope. Facebook? Try again. LinkedIn? Keep fishing.

Would you believe the answer is TEXT MESSAGE MARKETING?!

Text message marketing is the most personal and effective way to communicate nowadays. There are no apps to download, no annoying loyalty rewards cards to carry around, and reporting is done in real-time. What’s not to love?

Grab your customer’s attention the best way you possibly can: with a text message! Every consumer today has a mobile phone. Getting to your customer is simple, easy and effortless with MobileScoops, part of the national SMS Masterminds network. With over 7 million users nationally, this platform can assist businesses in many ways, including:

  • Generate more repeat customers.
  • Increase spending per customer.
  • Generate more positive reviews.
  • Build brand loyalty.

Not only is text message marketing simple for businesses, it is also just as simple for the customer. He or she easily enters their mobile phone number at a kiosk or texts-to-join, then receives notifications of any special offers or discounts via text message, which can be used right away or saved for a later date.

Then, a couple hours after their visit, an automated text message can be sent to the customer’s mobile phone, where they then can submit a review of their experience.

Today’s Text Message Marketing platforms can do so much more than just send text messages. The power of SMS continues to grow. No apps, no cards, no hassle!