Spread the word with Table Tents!

February 23, 2017 / Signage

If your organization has never looked at the promotional potential of table-tent marketing, now is the time to consider it. Table tents can be placed just about anywhere your target audience will be located (including trade shows and other industry events, happy hour, meetings, luncheons, etc.). They are a cost-effective and creative way to turn any table into a marketing opportunity that gets noticed and remembered.

Table tents are powerful yet underutilized marketing tools that demand attention no matter where they are placed.

Here are a few creative table tent tips that can ensure your business will get noticed and remembered:
  • Place them on checkout counters to promote new products or services.
  • Consider individual monthly table tent calendars; a full 12-month, at-a-glance version; or even a calendar that features wire binding at the top enabling recipients to flip through the entire year.
  • Design table tents as a save-the-date to spread the word about an exciting upcoming event.
  • Promote an exclusive offer with a coupon code that can be redeemed online, a QR code pushing your App, or promote your text messaging and loyalty program.
  • Utilize table tents at trade shows for a great way to draw traffic to your booth and invite people to check out a free demo, sign up for a drawing, or receive an exclusive giveaway item for mentioning your table tent promo.
  • Use table tents to highlight a variety of menus, such as weekly or daily specials, happy hour promotions, featured drink menus, dessert menus, or wine lists.
  • Consider a die-cut shape that grabs attention and is relative to your business or promotion.

If your business needs help creating the perfect table tent, our creative team is here to work with you and turn any table into a marketing opportunity!