Five Ways To Show Your Customers You Care On Valentine’s Day

February 2, 2017 / Marketing

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so while you may be busy contemplating what to give that special someone in your life, don’t forget about your loyal customers!

We’re all familiar with the clichés: flowers, chocolate, stuffed animals and jewelry are typically associated with V-Day, but what do you do to recognize an exceptional client?

As a business, don’t let this opportunity to show your clients you care pass you by.

People want to feel liked appreciated, at home and at work. Make your clients feel special and keep them happy all year long with a few simple tips:

Send them a note (handwritten if possible)

  • Nothing says ‘I Heart You’ quite like a personalized card. Celebrate with them on holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. We can take care of the entire process, from designing the card, providing envelopes and postage and even mailing it out on time. Consider different options, such as thermography (raised ink), for a unique touch.
  • Additionally, think about including a gift card or even sending a personalized promotional product (branded pens, for example) to thank them for their loyalty and keep your company top-of-mind.

Give an unexpected discount

  • People love saving money, especially if it comes as a surprise! Knock $50 off their bill, or throw in an extra service for free. They’ll appreciate it and remember the gift long after the flowers have wilted!
  • Place an A-frame sign outside of your storefront offering a discount or free item to entice new clients and reward existing ones.

We can produce and install a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor signage to promote your message.

Give them a public shout out

  • Who doesn’t want free publicity and their name in the spotlight? Thank your newest or most loyal customers (or pick a few) and tag them on social media channels, thanking them for their business and letting them know how much they mean to your company.
  • Highlight them in your enewsletter or email blasts. Our creative team can come up with the right wording and graphics to make your message go straight to the heart.

Create a customer loyalty program

  • Reward loyal clients with discounts, coupons or gifts when they reach certain milestones. It’s an easy way to show how much you love and value your customers.

Promote the loyalty program socially and via email to help spread the word. Our digital media experts would love to create a campaign for your company.

Thank them in-person

  • We all have busy schedules, but try to set up a brief meeting, a coffee break or lunch with new or old clients. Interacting face-to-face will take your relationship to new heights!
  • Invite them to your place of business. Clients may jump at the chance to see how their jobs are produced. We offer tours of Strategic Factory to current and potential clients and treat them like Rock Stars during their stay, offering personalized posters, note pads and more.

A little love goes a long way!

Use these tips to keep your brand close to their hearts on Valentine’s Day and throughout the year.