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New Year, New Website

January 6, 2017 / Digital Marketing

We started 2017 with a bang, launching our revamped website and each of our agency’s websites as well.

But why did we do it, and is it a good idea for your business?

Here are the top 5 reasons you need your website redesigned TODAY:

1. Make a Lasting First Impression

Our website WORKED, but looked old and dated. As a company on the cutting-edge of cross-media marketing, we need to look fresh and inviting to current clients and potential customers.

The first thing you’ll notice about our new site is that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Bright, bold graphics and colors now accompany new content. If a website doesn’t draw you in, it is not doing its job.

2. Reinforce Your Brand

You want to look as professional as possible to prospective clients, and inconsistent branding just makes you look sloppy. Your logo, business cards, letterhead, social media channels and even your website should look consistent.

3. Generate Revenue

Simply put, your new site will make you money. It will be faster, look better and consumers will be able to purchase items from their phones or tablets with greater ease. Commonly searched keywords should be utilized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Include call-to-action phrases and short, easily-accessed forms when possible to increase sales and provide lead generation.

4. Fresh Content

A new website ensures fresh, updated content, which will show Google you exist! A static website is not ranked, and will do you no good in website searches. Blog posts, white pages and more will keep your site relevant.

5. Easy Access – Anytime, Anywhere

The vast majority of our current clients deal with us via desktop, so mobile responsiveness was never a huge issue, but we knew it was time to make the change. Our website now looks as good on your phone or tablet as it does on your computer monitor. This in turn should generate more users, which should lead to increased sales.

As you can see, the benefits of a redesigned website are numerous. While it’s not an inexpensive process, it’s worth every penny!

If you’re considering redesigning your website, give our team of experts a call. We’ll have you up and running in no time, and you’ll be amazed how quickly the rewards pile up.