National Technology Day: Turn to Our New Experts

January 5, 2017 / Marketing

Today, January 6, is National Technology Day, a day to recognize technological achievements and to look toward the future of technology.

Technology has radically changed the way in which we conduct both our work and personal lives. In just the last two years, technology has drastically changed our lives. From Virtual Reality glasses to drones, the world is abuzz with technology. It drives our schedules, our workday, our spare time, and now, even our cars!

Helping to push the envelope of how businesses utilize technology are digital agencies such as ours. On December 1, 2016, we acquired Spokes Marketing, an agency specializing in digital marketing for small and medium-sized businesses.

Spokes Marketing consists of a team of experts in technologies such as Online Advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media, Text Message Marketing, Website Design and Marketing Strategies, helping businesses engage their consumers and create a more effective sales process.

Companies that successfully employ these strategies will help establish a company roadmap and a set of processes on which future revenue growth can be built. And, when combining these digital strategies with Strategic Factory’s existing services–graphic design, printing, mailing, signage, promotional products, and branded apparel–businesses can have all of their marketing initiatives managed by the same company, saving time and money. This is a HUGE advantage for any marketing manager!

While these strategies may not be the next Consumer Electronics Show exclusive (which kicked off yesterday in Las Vegas!), they are sure to help small and midsize businesses drive more customers through the door. We share that same goal. Fill out this form and let us help boost your brand.