The 10 Hottest Promo Gifts This Holiday Season

November 8, 2016 / Promotional Products

2020 is quickly approaching, so we thought it would be cool to look back on the hottest promo products of 2019. These are the Top 10 gifts that everyone wants this Holiday season!

1. Adult coloring books. Wow. Adults like to color, too. Who knew? Research shows that adult coloring books promote better mental health and relieve stress and anxiety. Coloring is being touted as a form of therapy and has even been compared to meditation. Make 2018 less stressful and more colorful. Read this article from CNN and order your coloring books today (many of our products come bundled with colored pencils!).

2. Blender bottles. Another huge craze that is not going away anytime soon…protein and weight loss shakes. These shaker bottles are perfect for our “always-on-the-go” lifestyles. As opposed to lugging around an electric blender, most shaker cups incorporate a wire whisk ball to blend the ingredients for your drink. Some shaker cups now come with a removable storage for your powder or  supplement pills allowing you to mix your drink at a moment’s notice! Check out some of these convenient bottles here.

3. Bluetooth speakers. This is an example of a product constantly evolving over time. Bluetooth speakers are lightweight, compact, portable, rechargeable, colorful and some are now even splash and waterproof. Millions of us store and play music directly from our smart phones, and these mini speakers are perfect when you’re not in the mood for earbuds (though we carry them, too). Express yourself through music with these popular tech products!

4. Custom apparel, caps and beanies. One product that never goes out of style is branded apparel. Everyone loves branded clothes, from sweatpants and socks to T-shirts and caps. Sample actual products from our expansive showroom in Owings Mills, or check out specific products in our online catalog (gloves, beanies and jackets will be very useful items to offer employees, clients and more this winter!).

5. Fitness trackers. Activity trackers and fitness bands are all the rage right now. People love being able to track calories, heart rate, miles walked/ran, etc. on their wrist! This wireless Bluetooth technology helps keep you moving and can track your sleep and diet habits as well when connected to your smart phone. Anyone into fitness (or making a New Year’s resolution to get in shape) would love to get this product as a gift.

6. Phone wallets. Yet another tech product that everyone wants to get their hands on, cell phone wallets are a convenient, attractive and practical way to keep all of your important items (ID cards, credit cards, business cards, cash and more) with you at all times. Our phones are pretty much with us 24/7, so it makes perfect sense to turn your smart phone into a virtual wallet. They also act as a stylish case to protect your phone, and many can be used as a stand! Take a look at the array of products offered in our online catalog.

7. Power Banks. We love technology, and as usual, our smartphones play a role. Power banks are extremely useful products to have around when you are traveling, exercising, or just running some errands. A short phone battery life is a common complaint among consumers, and our phones have kept us tethered to electrical outlets. Not anymore with power banks, just charge them up and plug them into your phone when you need some juice! Available in many shapes and sizes, all that’s missing is your company’s logo!

8. Sunglasses. A timeless classic that people use no matter the season, branded sunglasses are a can’t miss gift any time of the year. From the sweltering summers to the snowy winters, the sun’s glare is constant. Protect their eyes while getting your name out with custom sunglasses! From store-brand to name-brand, we have the shape, style and colors you’re looking for. Shop all of our custom sunglasses here.

9. Water bottles.Yet another product that humans can’t live without: water. And what better way to stay hydrated than with a double-walled, stainless steel thermal water bottle? Usable year-round, the copper vacuum insulation keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours. From iced tea to hot chocolate, this is the perfect gift for anyone on your ‘nice’ list this Holiday season. Available in a variety of sizes, check out our wide selection in our online catalog now!

10. Umbrellas. People LOVE umbrellas! According to research from the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), 25 percent of Americans own a promo umbrella, and more than half would do business with the company that gave them a branded umbrella. Why? They’re trendy and useful! Believe it or not, a branded umbrella will generate over 1,300 impressions in its lifespan, and it is large enough to really get your name seen on those cold and rainy days. Whether your customers reside in Seattle or Miami, a branded umbrella is sure to please. Take a look at all the options and colors to choose from.

Hopefully this Wish List has inspired you! There are literally thousands of promotional products available, but these 10 made our best-sellers list in 2017.

If you didn’t see a specific product, don’t worry, we probably carry it! Just search our online catalog and see what we can do for you. Happy Holidays!