Summer Signage Is In Full Bloom

November 9, 2016 / Signage

It’s summertime and that means more foot traffic! Have you stepped up your signage game accordingly?

People are out and about during the summer – the weather is nicer, the days are longer, and the kids are out of school – so you’ll need some sort of marketing collateral on hand to get customers in your door.

Though we specialize in both indoor and outdoor signage, it’s the latter that will likely attract the most business this time of year.

Check out a few of our most popular summer signage options:

Feather Flags: These reusable and durable signs are sure to draw in new consumers. They can be printed on both sides to attract clients coming and going! Typically 10-15 feet tall, feather flags are hard to miss and can help create an inviting entrance to your location. They’re also lightweight and portable, making them easy to move where needed.

Banners: Custom banners are another popular choice this time of year. Available in an array of materials and multiple sizes, our full color banners are durable, weather-resistant and a great way to promote a sale or special event. They can be used indoors or out, are lightweight, reusable and portable as well!

Yard Signs and A-Frames: These are an inexpensive yet highly effective way to spread your message. Traditionally made from coroplast, PVC, metal or wood, these powerful yet portable signs can be reused and placed in different locations daily! A-Frames come in various shapes and sizes and are perfect for Real Estate or the sidewalk in front of your storefront.

Vehicle Wraps: Let your ride advertise for you, whether you’re parked or sitting in rush hour traffic! One of the biggest strengths of vehicle wraps is its low cost-per-impression; on average, wrapped cars can generate 50,000 impressions a day. Cars, trucks, vans…if it has a surface, we can wrap it. Turn your vehicle into a moving billboard!

Lawn Signs: Advertise for less with lawn signs! Typically made of durable, weather-resistant coroplast, lawn signs are placed in the ground with metal “H” frame wire stakes. They can be used to advertise an open house, yard sale or political candidate and can be customized for parties and special events. Low cost, quick turnaround time and reusability make lawn signs a must-have this summer.

If your company isn’t using signage this summer to boost your brand, you’re falling behind the competition! These were just a few examples of the products we offer to get your brand noticed this summer with eye-catching new signage!