Moving Announcements – Keep Them Informed!

November 18, 2016 / Marketing

When it comes to moving, some businesses simply post a notice on their door announcing their new location and consider it sufficient. Not only could they fail to inform a big portion of their customers, vendors, and suppliers, but they also miss a great opportunity to reach out and promote their business.

Business moving announcements do more than spread the word about your new location; they also give you an opportunity to create front-of-mind awareness about your brand.

If you’re planning a move, moving announcements are a creative and effective way to let your customers, prospects, and friends know that you’re changing locations.

Here are a few ways to help spread the word and inform your contacts of your new address:

  • Apply labels to the outside of your mailing envelopes to give your contacts a heads up, such as “We are moving on December 1st!”
  • Send a postcard mailer announcement. Consider a die-cut shape to grab attention or a folded design to fit additional information.
  • Create an announcement as a statement stuffer or a simple letter that can be easily dropped into regular mailings or invoices.
  • Update your contact information everywhere to reflect your new address, including your business cards, letterhead, website, brochures, envelopes, and email signatures. You may even consider this a great opportunity to refresh your company logo and marketing materials.
  • Submit a press release to make the general public aware of your move.
  • Inform your followers on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, blogs and more.
  • In addition to direct mail and social media, don’t forget in-store signage, such as posters, bag inserts, and window signs.

If your business is moving, an announcement card can be a great way to keep your prospects and customers informed. Not only do moving cards provide your updated contact information, they’re also a great way to invite customers to an open house or kickoff party at your new location.

If and when the day comes that your business plans a move, we’d love to help you promote it!