Make A Big Splash With Waterproof Paper

November 21, 2016 / Print & Direct Mail

Waterproof paper is the perfect solution when you need your paper to be as strong as your message.

Paper is an incredible resource, but it cannot withstand the elements of nature, especially moisture. Waterproof paper can do what regular paper can only dream of doing (surviving underwater, for instance). But how often have you wished you could write underwater?

There are many practical, everyday situations where synthetic paper is the superior choice for your content.

  • Yard Sales: while you don’t necessarily want to be holding a yard sale in the rain, you should be advertising it for a week or so before the big day. Waterproof paper will hold up in inclement weather, allowing you to advertise efficiently and finally sell that old StairMaster.
  • Lost Pets: I have a lamppost outside of my house that people tape flyers to, offering a reward if someone can locate their missing dog or cat (or bird!). These paper flyers become so tattered that the picture of the animal and the contact information become indistinguishable over a short period of time. Do whatever it takes to get Fido home safely!
  • Licenses/Membership IDs: synthetic paper is the perfect material for fishing licenses, swimming pool ID cards, and more! It’s just common sense to bring waterproof paper to the pool, the lake or the beach. The sunscreen lotion will wash right off!
  • Golf Scorecards: water and golf typically don’t mix well. Whether it’s rain, a water hazard or your own pouring sweat on a sweltering day on the greens, a waterproof scorecard is an ace compared to a laminated double-bogey.
  • Menus and Place Mats: Restaurant menus can get really gross, really quickly. A paper menu or place mat is pretty much a waste of everyone’s time and money. Waterproof menus stand up to spills, sticky fingers and more. Additionally, this paper is ideal for outdoor venues where the weather can be a factor, and is a great option for menu inserts and daily special sheets. Bon Appétit!
  • Maps: You won’t be able to blame the weather when you get lost in the woods on your next camping trip. Waterproof paper is the clear choice when it comes to maps; they are extremely durable and won’t tear when you’re running away from that bear cub.
  • Runner’s Bibs: Running is hard. And sweaty. While you may look like a hot mess, keep your runner’s bib in pristine condition with synthetic paper. When you cross the finish line, at least your bib will look as good as it did when the race began!
  • College Classes: If you’re teaching or taking courses in Marine Biology, Ecology or Oceanography, synthetic paper is the right choice. No professor is going to buy the “My dog ate my homework” excuse anymore…consider yourself warned. This paper is saliva-proof!
  • Real Estate Flyers: when our house was on the market last year, the flyers in the little box attached to the For Sale sign would always get soaked when it rained and would need to be replaced weekly (sometimes daily!). Sell your home quicker with synthetic paper (disclaimer: you may or may not sell your home quicker with synthetic paper).
  • In the Shower: I learned today at a seminar that people have their most creative ideas in the shower (it’s true!). Grab a pencil and jot down your thoughts while you soap up and rinse off. Smell great and impress your boss with your ideas at the same time.

These are just a few of the many ways to incorporate waterproof paper into your daily routine.

For the highest-quality of paper available, consider Mohawk. Their synthetic paper products are built to last yet are flexible like regular paper. It eliminates the need for laminating, is moisture and grease-proof, chemical and tear-resistant, and great for perforating and hole-punching. Mohawk paper is available in various sizes to accommodate flyers, posters, menus and more.

Mother Nature may still spoil your plans, but at least she won’t ruin your paper. Order today!