Little Booklet, Big Results!

November 18, 2016 / Print & Direct Mail

If your business is looking for a creative, affordable way to highlight a handful of products or feature your entire inventory, booklets provide valuable information conveniently at your reader’s fingertips. If your product line changes frequently and you don’t want to invest in large catalogs, consider printing small overview booklets with links to your website for more information. Because booklets are brief and concise, they are read more often and more thoroughly. When it comes to booklets, the uses are endless.

Here are a few popular types of booklets your business might consider:

  • Resource guides. Include useful industry websites, publications, or tips and tricks.
  • Welcome packets. Create a welcome booklet that includes contact details, success stories from other members or customers, historic information or a timeline, a list of FAQs, locations, and business hours.
  • Mini product catalogs. Provide an overview of your products with links for more information.
  • Product manuals. Include instructions, warranty information, replacement details, contact information, etc. This can be a valuable addition to any purchase.
  • Event booklets. Promote events, seminars, and celebrations with information on keynote speakers, workshops, schedule of events, or maps.
  • Sports booklets. Create a program with game schedules, player stats and photos, and sports-related articles.
  • Presentation booklets. Organize marketing materials in a booklet format to reinforce your message and keep key information front-of-mind.
  • Payment booklets. Offer a subtle yet convenient way to remind recipients about regular upcoming payment deadlines.

Booklets are a great way to provide a brief overview and pique the interest of readers to learn more about your products or services.

Booklets offer a more durable, in-depth, and useful alternative to a conventional brochure. Let us know if our creative experts can help you create a booklet your sales team will be proud to distribute.

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