Light Up Your Business With Channel Lettering

November 9, 2016 / Signage

Attractive signage is a great method to get customers in your business’s door. From yard signs and posters to window perforations and vinyl graphics, all signage is useful. That said, when it comes to signage, channel letter signs stand out more than any other (literally!).

A standard channel letter sign is a 3D graphic sign illuminated with LED lighting. When you drive past a gas station, strip mall or shopping center at night, you’ve seen firsthand the amount of attention channel lettering can grab. With custom signs in all shapes, sizes and colors, you can make your name visible by day and illuminated at night.

Though there are endless possibilities for how to create your sign, there are three common types of channel letters:

Standard: These have colored Plexiglas over neon in an aluminum or steel frame. Aluminum construction is preferred because it never rusts and is lightweight, which makes it easy for installation (although it is slightly more expensive than steel).

Reverse: Otherwise known as Halo-lit signs, the lighting in reverse channel signs comes from behind letters that have a metal front, clear back and are mounted away from the surface of the building. By day, the signage stands out, by night, it comes to life!

Open: Open channel signs have an ironic name because they aren’t really open at all. These signs are manufactured much like the standard channel letter signs, but utilize clear Plexiglas to expose the raw materials of the sign.

In addition to motivating customers to come inside your business, channel lettering uses LED lighting instead of neon and/or fluorescent which helps save power and is much more Eco-friendly.  Make a bold statement and install back-lit channel lettering inside (we have some in our conference room)!

If you want to attract more customers, put your company’s name in lights! Contact us today!