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Everything’s Better With Frosting!

November 9, 2016 / Graphic Design & Branding

One of the latest projects we completed at our headquarters was adding frosted vinyl designson the glass office doors of our training and conference rooms. We love the new look, and plan to apply similar frosted vinyl designs on office doors throughout the entire facility.

The frosted film is translucent and is installed on the inside of your glass window or door with a strong adhesive. Your logo or design is cut from the vinyl before applying.

Vinyl frosting adds a look of professionalism and class to the office. Frosted windows are more attractive than blinds or drapes. Additionally, frosted windows and doors can add privacy and eliminate distractions for those working inside. They can also add securitydepending where you install it. The design is completely customizable; you can use your company’s logo or virtually anything you can imagine, and our graphic designers can help you create an appropriate image.

As you can see, the vinyl frosting is used to further enhance our brand throughout the building. In addition to tours of our facility given to clients and prospects, we host numerous networking events, and our guests always leave impressed with our capabilities and inspired with new ideas to incorporate in their own work environment.

To top it off, vinyl frosting is surprisingly affordable. It’s more cost-efficient to enhance your existing doors, windows and glass partitions than to replace them, and it will last for years. Vinyl frosting can even save you money, as frosted windows can block the sun’s rays in the summer and help retain heat in the winter, in addition to saving your furniture from fading in the sun. Plus, it’s easy to clean (who wants to dust those blinds…not me!).

If you like what you see, give us a call and let us create your next masterpiece.