Direct Mail Marketing: 8 Tips to Generate a Postcard Campaign

November 21, 2016 / Print & Direct Mail

In a world filled with Facebook invites and Evites, post card marketing is often pushed to the side in favor of digital focused marketing. While post card marketing may seem antiquated it is still one of the best ways to market a service, product or event. People tend to get bombarded with digital messages in their social media and email accounts, therefore postcards could be an excellent way of differentiating your business from the competition. The creative uses for postcards are boundless. Here are a few ways to make the most of the extra space when designing postcards for marketing.

  1. When mailing a folded postcard, consider designing the fold along the short side of the card, allowing your postcard to open into a panoramic promotional piece.
  2. Consider a three-panel postcard for industry-related tips, emergency phone numbers, a mini-calendar, a local high school sports schedule, or even recipes.
  3. When your business is attending a tradeshow, use postcards as a pre-mailer. Include a convenient tear-away to drop at your booth for a chance to win door prizes or other giveaways.
  4. Consider adding a die-cut shape to enhance your postcard design. This will certainly ensure that your postcard stands out from any other mail that they receive.
  5. Save on postage and envelope costs by designing your newsletter, brochure, or catalog as a folded postcard, with a link to your website for more information.
  6. Create a “we’ve missed you” postcard campaign to help reactivate old customers. Use the extra space for a tear-away coupon or exclusive promotion.
  7. Before sending out an invitation to an upcoming event, create excitement and increase attendance by sending “save the date” postcards.
  8. When designing postcards include a teaser of an article or white paper posted on your website. Redirect readers to your site by adding “read the rest of the story here…” This is a great way to keep your audience engaged and to gain traffic to your website.

If you’re considering a postcard marketing campaign, we can help you. With a variety of card stock options and creative designers we can ensure that your postcard campaign is successful and efficient. We provide marketing strategy, design, printing and mailing services. For a free quote contact us today.