Company Newsletters – Get Your Voice Heard!

November 23, 2016 / Marketing

Does your company send out newsletters to employees or clientele? Are you aware of the benefits associated with distributing company newsletters?

At Strategic Factory, we produce a monthly four-page newsletter for our employees and a bi-monthly eight-page newsletter for our clients. We often include an insert as well, highlighting a special event or company recognition. We write, edit, print and distribute these on our own. We use 2-color for our employee newsletter (distributed to over 100 team members) and full-color for nearly 4,000 clients and prospects.

These publications are well-received by our employees and clientele. Our employee newsletters highlight special events from the prior month, new policies, procedures and equipment, birthdays, anniversaries and upcoming events.

Our company newsletters highlight awards and achievements, new services and products, positive testimonials and a letter from our CEO, and serve as an informative marketing tool for our company.

As the content writer for these publications, I know first-hand just how much time and effort goes into producing them. I handle the content and editing while Lauren puts together the illustrations and look and feel of the newsletters. It’s a lot of back-and-forth with constant editing before the final product is approved and heads downstairs to print. The papers then go through bindery before being boxed up and shipped out! I honestly don’t know how we’d be able to make this work if we didn’t have everything needed for a project of this scale right under the same roof!

Personally, I love our newsletters and am honored to be able to contribute to such an important piece of our company. Besides the positive feedback from others in and out of the building, there are many other advantages that come with distributing a company newsletter.

Obviously, our employee newsletter keeps us informed of what’s going on within the company. We started out small but with 100+ employees spanning across multiple departments, it’s an easy way to keep everyone on the same page, so to speak.

Our employee newsletters allow us to feature our company’s priorities and goals in a fun and engaging way.

They also boost employee morale. We have a “Superhero of the Month” segment where a different employee is nominated by their peers for their hard work and accomplishments. It really keeps our employees engaged and gives them something to strive for.

Our company newsletter, as stated before, goes out to current clients as well as prospects. It serves as a wonderful example of what we are capable of doing, and is a very efficient marketing tool. It helps us build our customer base. Kristi developed a comprehensive mailing list so we can spread the news about our company to those who otherwise may not have heard of us. We also post our newsletters online for our web-based clientele or for people just browsing the site to learn more about who we are and what we do. Newsletters help us promote our company, without outright selling to the reader. Both print and digital newsletters work, but we prefer print as it tends to linger longer with the end user than an email.

Would you like help designing, writing, editing, producing or printing a company newsletter? Give us a call today and we can talk about a specific plan for your company!