5 Social Media Mistakes That Every Business Should Avoid

November 23, 2016 / Digital Marketing

Considering there are currently over 200 social media sites available, it can be challenging for businesses to determine which sites to participate on. In addition, there’s the challenge of how to get the most success out of each profile.

In an attempt to market products and services, many businesses tend to make mistakes that cost them their credibility, likability, and ultimately – their customers. Social Media Marketing requires a well planned strategy that includes measurable goals, content and analysis. Often, entrepreneurs and marketers throw content to the wall to see what will stick; they market without creating a blueprint to bring them success.

Social Media Marketing is about executing a well-planned strategy that you can test and optimize for better results.

When using social media for your business, there are a few common mistakes that can easily be avoided.

Only Posting Advertisements

No one likes being sold to on social media sites. When people utilize social media they use it for entertainment, information, and of course to socialize. As a marketer, you must keep this in mind and avoid over-selling your products and services. When someone likes or follows you on social media they are doing so because they are a fan of your brand. Don’t take advantage of their love of your brand by bombarding them with promotions and advertisements. Make them love your brand by posting content relevant to your brand.For example, if your business is a personal training business, you wouldn’t want to continually promote your training services. Instead you could share healthy recipes, at-home workout routines and memes that inspire your audience to work out. By posting a mix of relevant content with your promotional content, your fans will see you as more than just a company or a brand. You then become the authority in your field as well as their friend.

Not Engaging Enough

To create an irresistible connection with your fans you must engage with them. Your social media accounts are extensions of your customer service. People respond positively to human interaction. If a user comments on your page you should reply, even if it’s with a simple thank you. This makes your fan feel special and that you value them.In addition to responding to their comments, start conversations with them. You can do this by asking a question and then responding to any comments. This is beneficial for your page since whenever someone comments on a public Facebook page, their comment and your posts show up in the person’s friends news feed or timeline, which can draw in more users to the conversation.

Not Posting Enough
Have you ever visited a page of a company or brand you admire to find they haven’t posted in months? Their page is so bare that you see tumbleweed roll over your screen. The lack of updated content makes you wonder if they are still in business. You probably don’t even bother liking or following them.A bare social media page isn’t inviting or appealing. To get raving fans you have to post content constantly. While being on multiple social media sites can be overwhelming, there are ways to get around this. You can schedule posts with social media management websites like Hootsuite. This can help you organize your posts and ensure that you have constant content.However, be mindful about scheduling posts. You don’t want all of your posts to be automated because you want to engage with your fans.  By having a mix of automated content and content that you post in real time you will have enough content for your fans.

Posting the Same Content on all Social Media Sites

Many businesses have the bad habit of posting the exact same content on all of their social media accounts. This practice makes your business seem inauthentic and lazy. If someone is following you on multiple sites you will be able to captivate their attention better by providing different content.Each social media site is unique. Certain types of content work better for some than others. For example, Instagram and Pinterest are image driven. You will get more engagement on these sites by posting images with very little text. With Twitter you can engage with users with text content. While you can and should use videos and pictures on Twitter, writing a captivating post using the allotted 140 characters can net you big results.Facebook can be used differently. While images are the most popular medium, you can use more text on Facebook and still get a high number of people to engage with your posts.If you are running a campaign for a particular service or product, you can post about the product or service on all social media sites using different approaches. These approaches should be outlined in your social media strategy.

Paying for Followers

In December of 2014, Instagram conducted a huge purge of fake accounts. This resulted in many brands and celebrities losing thousands, sometimes millions of followers. In an attempt to seem more popular, these brands bought followers. Paying for followers always comes back to bite you. With Instragram it resulted in a loss of followers, making brands seem inauthentic.You can purchase followers for Facebook and Twitter as well. Bought followers are known as ‘vanity followers’. It makes your profile or page appear to be more popular than it really is. Some marketers use the logic that by having a seemingly large following, more followers will be attracted, when in reality it can actually repel genuine followers. If a user comes to your profile and discovers you have a lot of followers but hardly any engagement on your posts, they will know that you have paid for followers.Aim to build a fan base by utilizing viral content and/or ads. These will get you genuine fans that will engage with you and potentially buy from you. Fake followers are essentially robots. They cannot make you money. And once you have purchased followers you can’t get rid of them. You can’t undo your fake followers; the only way they will go away is if the social media site has a purge similar to Instagram’s.

By avoiding these mistakes and implementing a social media marketing plan you can grow your company’s reputation exponentially. We’d love to hear more about your business’s social media practices. Is your business on social media? If so, which sites? How do you use these sites differently? If you’re ready to implement a social media marketing strategy that gets you enthusiastic fans contact us today!