5 Genius Facebook Marketing Hacks

November 23, 2016 / Digital Marketing

Ever since the great Facebook algorithm changes of 2015, fan pages have been seeing less and less interaction with their audience. The algorithms have shifted how content is displayed  and  only shares your content with about 10% of your followers. In the beginning of the year these changes caused hysteria and panic among marketers who were no longer able to rely on Facebook as a free marketing channel. Fan pages that had likes in the tens of thousands were beginning to realize that their posts were only showed to about 100-200 fans, with little to no engagement.

Since the new algorithms have been in place marketers have had to become creative and strategic in order to get their content viewed. There are several ways to hack Facebook Marketing so that your awesome content is seen and shared by old and new fans.  Check out these tips for getting over the algorithm hurdles.

  1. Pay to Play
    While this may seem obvious, many marketers overlook paying for boosts and ads. While this has been Facebook’s goal since it grew in popularity in the early 2000s, many marketers are still resistant. However, adding Facebook ads and boosts to your marketing budget can have high ROI. Facebook does not have to be expensive to use; you can achieve great results with just $5 a day. Through target marketing, creative graphics and engaging copy, your content can yield 100%+ returns, but you have to plan for it. Plan out your posts and ads strategically as you would any other marketing campaign. Are you interested in more information about Facebook ads? If so, stay tuned for next weeks’ blog post, Facebook Ads 101.
  2. Make it Conversational
    Get your audience to speak back to you rather than you always speaking to them. Make your posts interactive by having them do something participatory. For example, if your business is a yoga studio, you could post a picture of students in poses with the caption reading, “My Favorite Pose is _____.” This will encourage readers to comment. Whenever a Facebook user comments on a public page it is shown on their friend’s news feed which gets your posts and page more visibility.
  3. Use Your Fan’s Content 
    Encourage your fans to send photos of them using your product or service and ask them if it’s okay if you reshare. This builds excitement and rapport among your fans and will keep them checking your page to see the photos. Audiences prefer brands that don’t only promote themselves but promote their customers. This is considered user-generated content. Not only is this content that you don’t have to produce, it’s content your fans will love. They will be happy to reshare and tag their friends.
  4. Have Recurring Topics 
    Entice your audience to look forward to certain posts on your page. For example, if you have a tea company, perhaps you could have Tasty Tuesday, where you feature a new tea blend of the week as well as a giveaway. Your post could read, Happy Tasty Tuesday, our tea of the day is Jasmine Oolong. For your chance to win the tea of the day, like, share and comment on this photo.
  5. Share Content of other Fan Pages 
    Once again, this tactic helps you share relevant content that isn’t self-promotional. Your brand becomes likable with your willingness to share content of other businesses. This content does not have to be from a direct competitor, but could be from a business that is relevant to yours. This also helps you build rapport with other brands. If other brands see your willingness to share content, they will be willing to share yours as well. Remember to tag the fan page of the content that you’ve posted so that they are aware that you have shared their content.

Facebook marketing isn’t limited to using paid ads, although they can be very effective. There are several strategies at your disposal. From eye-captivating content to emotionally-charged copy, there are many options to combat the restricting algorithms.  Please stay tuned for next weeks post, Facebook Ads 101.