5 Facebook Metrics That Your Business Should Analyze

November 23, 2016 / Digital Marketing

Facebook algorithms often change and evolve, making it challenging for social media marketers to implement organic marketing campaigns. Because of these changes it is even more important that marketers monitor certain metrics in Facebook Insights to ensure that their content is being seen, commented on, liked and shared.  Monitoring these metrics will help you continue to engage with your fans, thus creating more value for them. By analyzing these metrics, you will be able to choose the best content and the optimal times to post. To view all metrics, log in to your Facebook page and click the “Insights” tab. There you will be able to monitor the following 5 metrics:

  • Likes
    Within this section of Insights you can see how many likes and unlikes you’ve received on your Facebook page. This graph will show you which days you have earned likes, thus showing you which days may be the best to post. If you see that there was a day where you witnessed a spike or decline in likes, take note of the kinds of content that you posted that day. See what other contributing factors could have led to the fluctuations. Perhaps your page was shared somewhere that caused an increase in likes. Or maybe it was something completely out of your control like a holiday. You can also find where your pages’ likes occurred. Facebook will show you if likes occurred via ads, organically or through page suggestions.
  • Reach
    The reach section breaks down where and who your posts are delivered to. You can analyze how your posts are reaching your fans by viewing the posts that are shared organically or through paid advertisements. In this section you can also gauge how many likes, shares and comments you received each day of the month. By analyzing your reach you can choose the optimal way to post content. You will also be able to see which days and times yield the best results.
  • Visits
    Within the visits analysis page you can view how many people visited your news feed and whether they were referred from another website or search engine. This section also shows you what aspect of your page someone has visited. You can determine whether someone visited your timeline, photos tab, info tab and/or likes tab.
  • Individual Posts
    Analyzing your individual posts will let you know how many poeple your posts are reaching and how many people have clicked, liked, commented or shared.
  • People
    As one of the most important metrics to measure, the people section helps you create the best content for your page. Within this section you can see your fans’ gender and location. Utilizing this data when composing content and ads will help you target your audience.