10 Subject Lines that Make Readers Click

November 21, 2016 / Digital Marketing

You may be offering the greatest deal ever via email. Or you may be emailing the most informative content that could make your audience more efficient and successful. But if your email subject line doesn’t make your readers clamor to open your email, your amazing content will never be read. Those readers will never have the opportunity to learn about your offerings or read your message if they don’t open your email.

The best way to get your emails opened is by crafting an enticing subject line that doesn’t turn your readers away. These 10 tips will help you compose email subject lines that get your emails read at a higher rate.

  1. Personalize It
    When collecting contacts via your lead generation methods aim to not only collect their email addresses but their first and last names. Also conduct email mail merges to input their names into the subject lines as well as the greeting. By utilizing their name you create a rapport with your readers. The name in the subject or greeting line indicates that it’s more personal than a mass email.Examples:
    Hey Jane! You’re going to love these new boots…
    What’s for dinner Mike? You should try…
  2. Use Numbers or Lists
    Lists are a great way to attract readers. An email subject line that has a list mentioned makes it clear what your email will be about. While suspenseful subject lines can pique the interest of readers, concise helpful information will definitely be clicked.Examples:
    10 Things You Didn’t Know about Direct Mail
    7 Promotional Products Perfect for Your Next Race
  3. Make It Mysterious
    Entice your readers with a subject line that is mysterious. Arouse their curiosity to make them want to open it immediately.Examples:
    Today is The Last Day…
    Hi John, time is running out…
  4. Use Questions
    Questions need to be answered. When a receiver sees a question as the subject line their brains will want to answer that question. Questions trigger curiosity and the need to solve a problem.Examples:
    Only 10 more left! Will you get yours?
    Long Monday? Check this out to help you relax.
  5. Make it Urgent
    Create urgency in your subject lines by giving timelines, countdowns or limitations. Avoid making it spammy. Readers will be less likely to open an email with a subject line that says ACT NOW! or LIMITED TIME OFFER. Those types of subject lines tend to scare off readers because they remind them of salesman tactics. Aim to be authentic and personal when creating urgency.Examples:
    Mary, you have 5 hours left to save 50%
    There Are 10 tickets left – get yours now
  6. Brand It
    Use your company’s name in the subject line. People care more about where an email is coming from rather than the actual subject. According to Constant Contact, 64% of people open emails because of the organization it is from, compared with 47% of people opening emails because of what is in the subject line.Examples:
    Miller’s Minuteman Press’ Best Postcard Marketing Tips
    Master Signs’ Top 10 Signage Tips
  7. Show You’re an Expert
    When someone signs up for your mailing list it’s because they admire your business and want more information from you. In their eyes you are an expert. Your subject lines are a great way to display this. You can show that you’re an expert by using the words “my” and “our.”Examples:
    From a Graphic Design Company- Here Are Our Best Logo Design Tips
    From a Yoga Instructor- My 5 Tips to De-stress
  8. Seek A Response
    By placing an indicator of a needed response in your subject line you actively engage your reader. Place in your subject lines phrases like, “what do you think of?”, “please reply” or “your thoughts are needed.”Examples:
    Please RSVP: Will you be coming to the open house?
    What do you think about these new handbags?
  9. Use Teasers
    Another type of subject line that entices readers to click are teasers. Teasers make readers curious about the rest of your email. Be sure to add the answer or solutions to the teaser towards the end of the email. This will help your email get read in its entirety.Examples:
    Our new Promo Products Are In …We think you’ll love #10
    The 10 Best Novellas of 2015… Can you guess what’s #1?
  10. Place Deadlines In Your Subject Header
    This is another way of creating urgency. Placing a deadline in the subject will prompt readers to open your email to find if they are able to meet the deadline.Example:
    Friday is the last to save 30%
    You Have 5 Hours Left To Get on the VIP List

By utilizing these tips in your email subject lines you will see an increase in your open rates. And if your content is captivating you will see a rise in your click throughs as well as a more conversions. As a creative marketing agency we can help you implement an email marketing plan that increases these open and click through rates. We can create a publishing calendar and help you write strategic emails that will get you results. Contact us for a free brainstorming session to get started on your email campaign.

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