Google Adwords Expanded Text Ads Update Increases CTR by 20%

August 5, 2016 / Digital Marketing

Are you ready for more clicks on your Google Adwords ads? Sources report this is a very real possibility as a result of Google’s recent Expanded Ads update for Google Adwords.

The update is said to be the most significant update to Google Adwords since its inception 15 years ago. The change has come about as a result of consumers spending more and more time on, being seemingly inseparable from, their mobile devices.

Expanded Ads nearly double the amount of text allowed in an ad – and now with two rows of headlines – click through rates (CTR) have been seen to receive a 20% boost! Who isn’t excited about that?! Here’s an overview of the changes from the Google Adwords blog:

You have until October 26, 2016 to make the switch away from the current standard text ads….but why wait?! As soon as Expanded Ads are made available to you (the option is still in rollout mode), it’s time to re-think headlines, add a longer, compelling ad copy, consider new keywords, and test! Read Google’s ‘Create Effective Text Ads: Google Best Practices‘ for guidance.

If we currently manage your Google Adwords we will be keeping on top off these best practices to make sure your ads are working as effectively as possible for you. If this update sounds a bit overwhelming, contact us to discuss how we can help make sure your ads are taking full advantage of this update. Or perhaps you’re ready to try Google Adwords for the first time, as a Google Adwords Certified Partner, we can help you get started!