Spokes Marketing Celebrating 10 Years!

July 23, 2016 / Company News

Spokes Marketing was created in July 2006 as the internet was really growing, as an internet-first company.  We’ve progressed to become a full-service Advertising Agency, with a focus on digital marketing.  We exist because we feel that every client of every size deserves effective marketing.  We customize our plans for each client.  We talk to them.  We listen.  We help determine a target audience and we come up with a plan.  Then we get it approved and implement it in partnership with our clients at affordable prices.

That’s why we’ve been so successful for so long.  We work WITH you to figure out how best to spend your precious marketing dollars.

And now we’re 10 years old.  So we’re rolling out a new 10th anniversary logo … here it is.

And we’re planning a fun 10th Anniversary party plus a way to give back to the community which we’ll be announcing shortly.

One other quick thing – a present to our loyal blog readers.  We are offering 2 10th Anniversary specials right now:

1) An e-mail blast to 50,000 potential customers of yours, tailored to your needs for just $1,450 (regularly $1,950).  We have many different ways to segment the market from Income, to Home Ownership, to Car Ownership to Demographic info.

2) A Strategy development session including interview, SWOT analysis, Marketing Plan development for just $1,450 (Regularly $1,850).

Contact Us if you are interested in either of these specials.

Thanks for being a part of Spokes Marketing for 10 years.  And hopefully many more to come!