Don’t Turn a Tragedy Into a Shameless Brand Promotion

May 7, 2016 / Marketing

A death, a shooting, a natural disaster. When these things occur, it’s only natural to want to express your sympathy for those involved, but, when you are a business on social media, there’s a very thin line to walk between appearing genuine and coming across to your followers as self-serving.

Our approach is generally the “better safe than sorry” one – where we will simply pause our normal posting and have a day of respectful silence across our accounts and the accounts of our clients. Because, in reality, it’s highly unlikely to get bashed for saying nothing when the alternative is facing the deluge of scrutiny brought upon even the most well-intentioned tribute post.

You may think a simple “our thoughts and prayers are with those involved” tweet couldn’t possibly cause controversy – but you’d be surprised what people will complain about these days (or maybe you’re not all that surprised!)

This article, How To Solve The Brand Tribute Problem, does a great job of citing specific examples of how social media posts that you may have looked at as completely innocent can get quickly picked apart by your fans, and even worse, the media!

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