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5 Benefits of Working with a Google Partner Agency

May 12, 2016 / Digital Marketing

Spokes Marketing recently was certified as a Google Partner. Google Partner status means that we employ qualified, experienced individuals certified by Google on the best practices to run the most effective online ad campaigns for our clients.

As a customer or potential client of Spokes there are several advantages to this designation:

  1. Certified Analysts and Account Managers. Google Partners need to have certified employees on staff and overseeing your Adwords* Accounts.  This guarantees that you will receive the level of care that Google requires.
  2. Complete Use of Applicable Features on Your Account. There are a tremendous number of features and settings that affect an Adwords campaign. Having a Certified Partner ensures that they will use all of the features and settings available to make sure the campaign runs most effectively. Some of these may include Shopping Ads, Negative Keywords, Sitelink Extensions and more.
  3. Quality Customer Service. Google monitors and reviews each account to determine if the clients are being cared for in the proper way. Regular reviews of our ‘Master Account’ allows us to make sure that we are delivering the quality of service that Google expects.
  4. New Google Beta Features. Testing and innovation are part of Google and how the internet continues to grow. Using new Google features in your campaign before other companies can lead to an advantage over your competition – we can help you with this!
  5. Ability to Quickly Respond. Google Partners have access to Google reps and can get questions answered more quickly than agencies which do not have this certification.

If you’re ready to move up and work with a Certified Google Partner, please give us a call at 877.672.6677 to learn more.

*Glossary: What is Adwords? The system where advertisers can bid to be placed on Google Search Results pages and in display ads on websites, on YouTube and other sites.