Will Instagram’s Feed Changes Impact Your Business?

March 25, 2016 / Digital Marketing

It was bound to happen – from the moment we heard Facebook purchased Instagram it was just a matter of time before the big monster imparted its evil ways into our favorite photo feed app.

Just as Facebook took it upon itself to decide what we see in our news feeds instead of what we have actually opted-in to see in chronological order – the word on the social media street is that a big old algorithm is about to gobble up our Instagram feeds, too.

Currently, if your business has 100 followers on Instagram and all 100 of those people log in and scroll through their feeds – there’s a 100% chance that your post will be seen by 100% of your followers. That’s about to change. Now users will be shown what the algorithm thinks is most relevant/important/interesting to us. That means your chances of having your post viewed by all 100 of your followers is most likely about to decline.

The interwebs are in a frenzy over this. Businesses and personal users alike just want to maintain some sort of semblance of control over one aspect of their social media lives – there’s even a petition floating about that you can sign to try to stop this news feed overhaul (but, let’s not kid ourselves, no decision makers will ever see this petition.)

According to Social Times, here are 6 ways the changes in Instagram’s Feed will impact brands.

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