How Do Facebook Reactions Impact Facebook Business Pages?

February 24, 2016 / Digital Marketing

If you’ve been on Facebook today, you probably [hopefully] noticed some new options for reacting to a post. A mere “like” is so yesterday. Now you can like it, love it, think it’s funny, think it’s sad, be angry about it and just think, “wow!”

To express your reaction, on a desktop, hover your cursor over the word “like” and your new options will appear. On mobile, press and hold the “like” button for more options.

Facebook Reactions is live for both personal profiles and Facebook Business Pages. So what exactly does this mean for Business Pages? Well, there are a few things to know and consider. Social Media Today has been following along since Facebook began experimenting with Reactions last Fall. Here are two articles we recommend reading to give you a well-rounded perspective on how Facebook Reactions will Impact Facebook Business Pages:

Facebook’s Reactions are Coming – Here’s Everything You Need to Know 

5 Ways Facebook Reactions Could Make Marketing Difficult

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