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Don’t Break Up with Twitter Just Yet: 10 Ways to Get More Traffic

January 22, 2016 / Digital Marketing

Depending on when you started using social media for your business, you probably set up a Facebook Page and a Twitter account (maybe even a LinkedIn Company Page depending upon your target audience.) If you’ve just gotten into the game in the last couple of years perhaps you also set up a Google Plus Business Page, a Pinterest account and an Instagram account. Oh wait, do you have YouTube, too? What about SnapChat, Periscope, and Meerkat?!

The options have gotten pretty out of hand. Your choices of which channels to use should depend solely upon whether or not your target audience is “hanging out” on those channels and not because you “heard you should try out this site” or because “it’s all the rage these days.”

As more and more sites surface or as you become busier and busier it can be easy to let some of your efforts fall by the wayside. Before you just decide a site isn’t working for you, take some time to evaluate if you’ve really done everything you possibly can to try to benefit from the site or if you’ve just given it the ol’ college try.

Recently in our conversations with prospects about their social media efforts and ways we may be able to help, a common theme seems to be that “Twitter isn’t working for us.” This could definitely be true. But it’s also definitely worth reevaluating to make sure all of the proper steps are being taken to really get the most out of Twitter before you break up with it.

Here are 10 things to try to see if Twitter can benefit your business after all.

If you’re still wondering if Twitter is right for your business, contact us and we will help you figure it out!