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Celebrating Milestones with Promotional Products

January 20, 2016 / Promotional Products

How do you motivate your employees and acknowledge their hard work and dedication?

It’s no secret that a happy employee is a productive employee. According to The Printing Industries of America, “motivated employees are a company’s most valuable asset.” Not only do you retain an experienced and hard-working individual, you’re also spared the expense of recruiting, hiring and training someone else to do the same job.

Keith Miller, President and CEO of Strategic Factory, opened his first Minuteman Press store in December of 1999, and recently celebrated 16 years of  success in the industry.

It’s not only Keith and the company that celebrated an anniversary; a handful of employees are now hitting individual milestones. Our Production Director, Stacey Goins, has been with us since the beginning. Keith’s father Lester joined the company in 2004 and now serves as Vice President of Business Development. Linda Howell, our Baltimore storefront co-manager, recently celebrated a decade with the company, as did two other team members, Bindery Specialist Rich Hardy and Check-In Team Lead Christina Faatz.

As we continue to grow as a company, there will be many more personal milestones to celebrate along the way. How do you recognize these achievements? We wanted to reward our team members for their dedication and loyalty with something special, and decided on engraved crystal plaques to celebrate 10 and 15-years of faithful service (we’ll have to pick out a 20-year plaque soon!).

These plaques are visually stunning and an honor to receive. Recipients gain a sense of gratitude and satisfaction, and feel like their time and effort is valued and means something. Personalized awards can also inspire other team members to live up to their peers’ accomplishments.

BRANDED4U, powered by Strategic Factory, offers a wide selection of awards and recognition pieces.

From plaques made of crystal, glass, marble, metal or wood, to trophies, medals, pins and framed certificates, we have what you’re looking for. We also offer branded apparel…caps, T-shirts, jackets – the list goes on and on.

There’s no better way to motivate employees and acknowledge their achievements than with a customized promotional product. Give us a call and let’s discuss your options!