Text Messaging & Loyalty Programs

Did you know that 1 out of 2 of your customers has ALREADY opted in to receive another business’s text messages? That’s right… 50% of YOUR customers are already receiving ANOTHER BUSINESS’S text messages. The difference? The other business has a text marketing program and you don’t. That’s it!

If you’re looking for a way to reach your customers that has a guaranteed near-100% read rate, you need a Text Message Marketing tool. You need MobileScoops.

Interested in learning how your business can benefit from a Text Marketing program? 

Text Loyalty Program

Want to know what Loyalty Marketing can do for you?

If you are familiar with the 80/20 rule, as a business owner, you know that 80% of your sales come from only 20% of your customers. That’s right…most of your sales come from your most loyal and frequent customers. So, how do you grow that loyal base of customers?

You need to ENGAGE them repeatedly.

You need to COMMUNICATE with them repeatedly.

You need a program that will help you build a loyal base of customers. You need a LOYALTY PROGRAM.

The MobileScoops Loyalty Program is a text-message-based program where your customers can ‘check in’ while inside your store and earn rewards based on the number of times they ‘check in.’ Here’s how it works:

  1. Customer walks into your store.
  2. Customer sees Android tablet at your point-of-sale.
  3. Customer punches in their mobile number.
  4. Customer has just ‘checked in.’
  5. Customer earns rewards based on number of ‘check-ins.’
  6. Customers redeem rewards by showing the text message sent by the system when they reach a certain number of visits (as determined by advertiser).

The MobileScoops Loyalty Program is an inexpensive turnkey platform. No plastic cards required. For more information, watch this short video.

Interested in learning how your business can benefit from a Text Marketing program?

Tell us a little bit about your current loyalty program:
  • Baltimore Area Bakery

    We have been getting rave reviews on the loyalty program as (our) buy one get one free day has doubled! - Diane