Graphic Tango

Graphic Design and Marketing Team

  • Abby Cook
    Abby Cook

    Our lead designer graduated from UMBC with a degree in Visual Arts and Graphic Design. Abby is one of 10 children and was homeschooled through high school! She chose design as an avenue for problem solving and she loves taking a basic concept and developing it until it's just right. There's nothing quite like the sense of accomplishment you get when you visually see something improve over time. Abby uses her creative juices in a variety of mediums, from woodwork to sketching to sculpting. She also loves photography and deserves photo credit for many of the images featured on our websites. Abby enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and loves the great outdoors.

  • Fawn O'Hara
    Fawn O'Hara

    Fawn has more than 15 years of experience as a graphic artist and loves all things creative. She has her fine arts degree in communication design from Kutztown University and a masters in publication design from the University of Baltimore. Fawn loves thinking through the creative process from concept to creation while keeping an eye on the big picture…end results! Her heart is in print design but she loves to keep up on all things technological. When not creating beautiful graphics, Fawn is playing basketball (or baseball, or football, or…) with her two boys, Aidan and Jacob. Fun fact about Fawn, she's a twin!

  • Jon Parr
    Jon Parr

    Jon is a Towson University graduate with a degree in Journalism. He started writing in elementary school, creating "Dynamite News!" a short, fake newsletter that he sold for a nickel each. He was hoping to retire early, but that turned out to be a daydream. Jon is a huge Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles fan. Jon resides happily with his wife, daughter, son and two Chihuahuas. One of his favorite hobbies is sleeping in, but he's accepted that those days are behind (and hopefully ahead of) him. Jon enjoys playing video games (PS4 VR) when he's not busy working on the house or out in the yard.

  • Becca Rohde
    Becca Rohde

    Becca is a Stevenson University graduate with a degree in Visual Communication Design. She has years of experience in all things graphic design and marketing. She can do it all, from creating e-blast campaigns and designing signage to posting engaging content on social media and everything in-between. Rebecca fell in love with graphic design in high school, loves to travel and always has her camera ready to snap a photo. In her free time, Becca enjoys riding horses, working out and relaxing at home with her roommate and their pets (although relaxing rarely happens!).

  • Courtney Prach
    Courtney Prach

    Courtney graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2015 with a BFA in Visual Communications and a minor in Advertising. Her passion for design began in high school and continued to grow as she specialized in print-related design throughout college, especially as it applies to advertising and marketing. She comes from a background in large format print production, having worked for a small company that specialized primarily in vehicle wraps for a variety of customers. She loves to take on challenges and considers design to be a puzzle where finding creative and innovative solutions is ever-rewarding. In her spare time she enjoys attending rock concerts, spending time with her family and pets and binging Netflix.