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Forget Me Not! Increase Repeat Sales with Reorder Forms

As business owners, our biggest fear is that a customer will forget about us. One of the easiest ways to ensure they return again and again is with reorder reminders.

Reorder reminders not only offer a convenience for your customer but can also increase the likeliness of repeat sales for your business.

Not only can reorder forms help customers avoid the stress of last-minute ordering, but they can also help customers prevent the possibility of rush charges.

Here are a few creative ways to gently remind clients that it’s time to reorder:

  • Insert reorder forms in the last box of a customer’s shipment. Include the product number, your website address, and contact information for ease of reordering.
  • Design reorder reminders as statement stuffers you can include in existing mailings, such as a customer’s billing statement.
  • Schedule to send a handwritten reminder note a few months after the original order.
  • Create a friendly postcard mailer, or a direct-mail piece prompting to order additional supplies before items run out.
  • Consider including coordinating stickers that can easily be affixed to their calendar as a friendly reminder.
  • Offer a quantity discount coupon for customers that order XX amount of supplies.
  • Consider creating a reorder promotion that upsells complementary products and promotes product specials.
  • Perhaps the customer is not utilizing the product to the full potential. Offer helpful hints with your reminder, such as “Did you know that you should take this vitamin twice a day with food?”
  • Reinforce reasons to buy from you again, such as ease of the reordering process, discounts or incentives, and user experience.

Reorder reminders can be placed in the last box of a customer’s shipment, inserted into regular mailings, or designed as a postcard reminder campaign.

Let us know if you need help creating the perfect reorder reminders today!

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